drag1 [ dræg ] verb **
▸ 1 pull with difficulty
▸ 2 pull someone against will
▸ 3 make someone do something
▸ 4 touch ground
▸ 5 when time seems slow
▸ 6 in computing
▸ 7 search water with net
1. ) transitive to pull something or someone along with difficulty, for example because they are heavy:
drag something/someone down/along/through something: She dragged her suitcase to the car.
drag something/someone to/into/onto something: He jumped into the river and dragged her to safety.
a ) to pull part of your body along the ground because you are injured:
The bird walked slowly, dragging one wing along.
b ) to pull something somewhere strongly or quickly:
I scarcely had time to drag a comb through my hair.
2. ) transitive drag someone along/to/into something to pull someone strongly or violently when they do not want to go with you:
Xavier grabbed his arm and dragged him over to the window.
3. ) transitive drag someone out of/away from/off something to make someone leave or go to a place when they do not want to:
I'm sorry to call so early, I hope I didn't drag you out of bed.
You drag me away from my meeting just to tell me this!
drag yourself away/up/down etc.: If you can manage to drag yourself away from the TV you can help.
4. ) intransitive drag along/in/on if something drags on the ground, it touches the ground when someone or something is moving along, for example because it is too long or too heavy:
I heard a chain dragging along the ground.
5. ) intransitive if time drags, it seems to pass very slowly, usually because you are bored:
The first hour of the movie really dragged.
6. ) transitive COMPUTING to move something across a computer screen using the MOUSE:
Drag the file into a folder.
7. ) transitive to try to find something in an area of water by pulling a net along the bottom of it:
The police are dragging the river near where he was last seen.
drag your feet/heels
to do something very slowly because you do not really want to do it
drag someone/something into the 21st century/the modern world
to make a person or organization do things in a more modern way
drag someone kicking and screaming
to make someone do something that they do not want to do:
You'll have to drag him kicking and screaming to the talks.
drag someone/someone's name through the mud
to say unpleasant things or tell unpleasant secrets about someone in public
drag someone through the courts
to start a legal case against someone who does not want this to happen
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,drag `by phrasal verb intransitive
if time drags by, it seems to pass very slowly
,drag `down phrasal verb transitive
1. ) to cause someone's social position or standards of behavior to become worse, so other people lose respect for them:
If you're not careful he'll end up dragging you down with him.
Don't let yourself be dragged down to his level.
2. ) to make someone feel unhappy or less hopeful:
I don't mean to drag you down with all my problems.
,drag `in phrasal verb transitive
1. ) to start talking about something that is not connected with what you are discussing and that other people do not want to talk about:
He seemed determined to drag in irrelevant details about my personal life.
2. ) to make someone become involved in a situation when they do not want to:
I don't know anything about the project, so don't try and drag me in.
,drag `into phrasal verb transitive drag someone into something
1. ) to start talking about someone who is not connected with what you are discussing:
How dare you drag my mother into this.
2. ) to make someone become involved in a situation when they do not want to:
The U.S. was afraid of being dragged into the war.
,drag `on phrasal verb intransitive
to continue for longer than you want or think is necessary:
drag on for: Some cases drag on for years.
,drag `out phrasal verb transitive
to make something continue for longer than necessary:
They dragged the meeting out endlessly.
,drag `out of phrasal verb transitive
drag something out of someone to force or persuade someone to tell you something when they do not want to:
He only told me her name, and I had to drag that out of him.
,drag `up phrasal verb transitive
to start talking about something when it is not necessary, usually something unpleasant that happened in the past and that other people want to forget:
Must you drag up that old argument?
drag 2 [ dræg ] noun *
▸ 1 something/someone boring/annoying
▸ 2 clothes of opposite sex
▸ 3 breathing in smoke
▸ 4 something that slows progress
▸ 5 force that slows
1. ) singular INFORMAL something or someone that is boring or causes small annoying problems:
Work is a real drag at the moment.
I'm sorry to be a drag, but could you check this again?
It's such a drag having to take the bus to school.
2. ) uncount women's clothes worn by a man or men's clothes worn by a woman, usually as part of an entertainment:
a drag artist/act/show
in drag: They went out in drag to raise money for charity.
3. ) count an act of breathing in smoke from a cigarette:
He took a quick drag on his cigarette then spoke.
4. ) singular something that makes something else develop or progress more slowly:
drag on: High interest rates are a drag on the housing market.
5. ) uncount the force that slows something down when it moves through air or liquid

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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